Chitosan Oligosaccharide In Agriculture

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1.New tag killing nematodes agent, prevent the nematodes activities, prevent the nematodes' effect on roots, decrease the Nematodes density in soil.

2.Take roots rapidly, accelerate root growth, and solve effectively the question of weak growth and malnutrition.

Produce the resistance factor for bacteria, virus, and fungus.

3. Improve the absorption for all kinds of nutrients, increase the output by 20%--50%, and promote the fruit grade and inner quality.

Application crops:Tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, gangers and so on.

Application method:

Root Irrigation: to dilute 600 to 800 times, 3.035 L to 4.856 L for an acre of farm land

Irrigate the field: 10.05L to 13.4L for an acre of land.

Foliar application: dilute 500 to 600 times.