Chitosan Oligosaccharide Water Soluble Fertilizer(Special for grain crops)

Chitosan oligosaccharide water soluble fertilizer for grain crops:
1、Activate plant immune system
2、improve the disease resistance
3、promote cell activation
4、stimulate plant growth


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Chitosan Oligosaccharide Water Soluble Fertilizer(Special for grain crops)

Chitosan Oligosaccharide Water Soluble Fertilizer(Special for grain crops)

Chitosan oligosaccharide water soluble fertilizer for grain crops:
1、Activate plant immune system
2、improve the disease resistance
3、promote cell activation
4、stimulate plant growth

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Product Profile:
RY-01 is a new glyco-chain plant vaccine developed by the National Center of Biochemical Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is mainly aimed at wheat, rice and other food crops. It has significant effects on root and seedling growth, disease prevention, cold resistance, yield increase and quality improvement. The product is safe and efficient, and can be used for organic crop cultivation. Application in crops can promote the absorption efficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, enhance the tolerance of crops to biological or abiotic stresses, and achieve the purpose of disease prevention by inducing crops to produce phytoprotectives and defense proteins to resist or control crop diseases.

The application of Glory No. 1 could increase the photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll content of functional leaves. Seed dressing/soaking treatment could increase secondary roots, effective tillers and grains per spike of rice/wheat. The effect of seedling strengthening was obvious, the stem was strong and the lodging resistance was enhanced.

This product has the characteristics of good environmental compatibility, micro-quantity, high efficiency, good safety and no drug resistance.

Application scheme: (Rice as an example)
Seed treatment:
Seed mixing: 1 ml RY-01 diluted 20 times, 1 kg seed mixing. Drying and sowing after mixing seeds
Soaking seeds: RY-01 diluted 500 times, soaked seeds 24-48 hours, dilution solution and seed ratio of about 1.5:1
Function: Through seed dressing/soaking treatment, seed germination rate can be increased, healthy growth of rice seedlings can be promoted, and seed-borne diseases can be prevented.
The germination rate of rice seeds soaked and accelerated by Glory No. 1 was significantly increased
Foliar spraying:
Seedling stage: in the two leaf and one heart period of rice seedling, the glory 1 is diluted 750-1000 times and the leaf is evenly sprayed.
Function: Promote the robust growth of rice, develop root system, strong plant, thick green leaves, improve the resistance of rice.
Spraying RY-01 at rice seedling stage can promote root growth and plant growth.
Rice seedbed
Turning green tillering stage:7-10 days after transplanting rice field, glory 1 dilution 750-1000 times, leaf uniform spray.
Function: Improving the Effective Tillering of Rice
Jointing booting stage: RY-01 dilution 750-1000 times leaf uniform spray
RY-01 Increase the rate of seed setting, reduce the empty holding RY-01 can effectively delay the senescence of flag leaves, rate and increase the 1000-grain weight of rice golden ears, full grains and effective tillering.
Flowering filling stage:RY-01 dilution 750-1000 times foliage uniform spray
Function: Improving the filling rate of rice.

1. Spraying amount per mu should be adjusted according to crop growth period and local medication habit. It is suggested that spraying amount per mu should be 30-45 kg. 2. When the foliar spray was 750 times, it had a significant effect on disease resistance of rice. When spraying 1000 times of foliar spray, the effect of rice growth and nutrient absorption is significant.

Prospects for Products
The main component of RY-01 is chitosan oligosaccharides (agricultural amino oligosaccharides). As a new bio-pesticide, Amino-oligosaccharides are different from traditional pesticides. They do not directly act on pests, but by stimulating the immune response of plants themselves, make plants acquire systemic resistance (including stress resistance), thereby playing a role of resistance, disease and insect resistance and yield increase.
Amino-oligosaccharides are easily degraded by soil microorganisms to water and carbon dioxide, which are easily absorbed by the environment. They have no residues. The plant resistance components induced by Amino-oligosaccharides are normal components of plants and are safe for human beings and livestock. Amino oligosaccharides, as a new generation of marine biological pesticides, are non-toxic, non-polluting and have dual functions of pharmacodynamics and fertilizer effects, which meet the current and future development requirements of pollution-free agriculture.
In agriculture, the application of amino-oligosaccharide pesticides in cabbage, tomato, cucumber, pepper, pear tree, cotton, apple tree, grape, rice, watermelon, banana tree, wheat, tobacco, maize and kiwifruit trees is remarkable. In summary, as a new biological pesticide, aminoligosaccharides have a bright future.
Amino-oligosaccharides are easy to degrade in the environment and do not pollute the environment at all. They have the dual biological regulation functions of pharmacodynamics and fertilizer effects. With the increasing attention to environmental protection, the demand for amino-oligosaccharides, a new biological pesticide, is increasing year by year. Amino oligosaccharides can replace some chemical pesticide products and are widely used in agricultural production. They will play a unique role in sustainable agricultural development and human health. They will not only bring certain economic benefits to our agriculture, but also produce more far-reaching environmental and social benefits.
In 2010, Du Yuguang's team first proposed the concept of sugar-chain plant vaccine in international academia. Sugar substances that can activate plant autoimmunity and improve plant resistance to disease and stress were defined as sugar-chain plant vaccine.
RY-01 is a new glyco chain plant vaccine based on plant immunity, which has been developed by a team of scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for more than 20 years. Its main active ingredient is oligosaccharides with specific degree of polymerization. It is made from the shell of Alaska snow crab by the coupling technology of bio-enzymatic hydrolysis and membrane separation. This product acts on rice, can activate the immune system of rice itself, regulate its functions in growth, development, reproduction, disease prevention and stress resistance, promote the health of rice, and help farmers increase their yields and incomes.

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