Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Honors Received
Cleaner production technology of chitin is a new kind of chitosan oligosaccharide preparation technology developed and popularized by Du Yuguang's team after more than 20 years'research.
A number of scientific research achievements have been achieved in this period.
More than 30 patents have been applied for and authorized, more than 100 papers have been published, and four monographs have been written, including Research and Application of Chitosan-oligosaccharide Function and Sugar Bioengineering. Prize of Marine Science and Technology Award in 2013.
2. Liaoning Province Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2014
3. The Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress of Hainan Province in 2014
4. National achievements in tackling key scientific and technological problems during the Ninth Five-Year Plan and the Tenth Five-Year Plan
5. Third Prize of China Agricultural Science and Technology Award
Scientific research achievements
1. More than 50 kinds of glycosidases have been obtained, which pave the way for the preparation of functional sugars.
2. Establishment of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods for oligosaccharide components by high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.
3. More than 2000 natural oligosaccharide components and 200 oligosaccharide monomers have been obtained.
4. Having a mature experimental platform for molecular and cellular biology.
5. Cloning, Expression and Functional Study of a Gene Suitable for Whole Gene Synthesis of Chitin Hydrolase.
6. It has a 5-ton fermentation pilot-scale platform, which can be used for the preparation of sugar engineering instrumental enzymes in pilot-scale fermentation.
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