1.Definition of Chitosan Oligosaccharide?
Chitosan oligosaccharide is a product with a degree of polymerization between 2 and 20, which is degraded from chitosan by chemical acid hydrolysis, physical degradation or bio-enzymatic degradation. Its structural unit is glucosamine.
2.Physical properties of Chitosan Oligosaccharide?
Chitosan Oligosaccharide is a light yellow powder, soluble in water and the only positively charged oligosaccharide in nature.
3.How are the oligosaccharides produced by ZhongKe RunXin?
RunXin oligosaccharide is produced from chitosan from the shell of Alaska snowcrab by coupling enzymatic hydrolysis with membrane separation. Its core technology is chitosan hydrolase with independent intellectual property rights, high activity and specificity.
4.What are the differences between the properties of chitosan oligosaccharides and chitosan?
Chitosan oligosaccharides have low molecular weight and are easily soluble in water, while chitosan can not be soluble in water, but only in acid solution. Chitosan oligosaccharides have higher bioactivity.
5.Why can oligosaccharides improve cold resistance of plants?
Oligosaccharides can induce plants to produce more unsaturated fatty acids, thereby protecting plant cells from freezing injury.
6.Why can oligosaccharides increase crop yields?
Firstly, it can regulate the overall growth and immunity of plants, improve the immunity of plants, prevent diseases, enhance the cold resistance of plants themselves, and promote the healthy growth of plants.
Secondly, promoting growth, mainly by inducing the accumulation of auxin in plants, increasing the content of auxin, increasing the content of chlorophyll and improving photosynthetic efficiency.
In addition, it can regulate the transformation from vegetative growth to reproductive growth of plants and improve the rate of setting flowers and fruits.
7.What functions do chitosan oligosaccharides have on human body?
*Immune regulation, PH regulation, hormone regulation, nervous system regulation
*Excretion of harmful cholesterol, heavy metal ions, toxins and excess fat
*Lowering blood lipids、blood sugar、blood pressure
*Inhibiting cancer cells, metastasis and toxins