Zhongke RunXin Won the Industrial Innovation Award of Xiangcheng High-tech Zone in 2017

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On the morning of February 28, 2018, the CPC Jiangsu Xiangcheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone Working Committee and Jiangsu Xiangcheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, in order to commend the advanced and set up a typical example, won the 2017 Industrial Innovation Award, Tax Contribution Award, Mu Average Contribution Award, Carrier Innovation Award and Patent Authorization Award for Xiangcheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Relevant enterprises report and commend.


Li Qiang, member of the Party and Labor Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, said that in 2017, under the correct leadership of the District Committee and the District Government, the Xiangcheng High-tech Zone, focusing on the development orientation of the "National High-tech Zone" and the "Xiangcheng Deputy Center", closely adhered to the objectives and tasks formulated at the beginning of the year, worked together, earnestly, forged ahead and made great achievements. It has maintained a good momentum of rapid and healthy economic and social development, and a number of outstanding enterprises have emerged, which will be commended by the General Assembly.

In the past 2017, with the technical support of the National Biochemical Engineering Research Center of the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Runxin (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has focused on the production of degree of polymerization from chitin (shrimp and crab shell), the second largest organic substance on the earth, using the latest clean green production technology. Different functional oligosaccharides with controllable deacetylation degree and acetylation sites have been built as industrial bases of functional health food additives, feed additives and sugar chain plant vaccines with "chitosan oligosaccharide + as the core strategy". At present, China Runxin has core technology and international patents of independent intellectual property rights, and its scientific and technological achievements have reached the international advanced level. The government highly recognizes this, and awards the honor of excellent enterprises of industrial innovation in Xiangcheng High-tech Zone.

Chen Chunming, vice-governor of Xiangcheng District and Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the High-tech Zone, made a speech at the end of the congress. He said that the rapid and healthy development of Xiangcheng High-tech Zone can not be separated from the vigorous support of the government, but also from the hard work of enterprises stationed in the development of Xiangcheng High-tech Zone. Enterprises are the main force and founders of local wealth. Express heartfelt thanks and hope that in 2018, the government and enterprises will continue to cooperate with each other, and the economy will continue to grow steadily for the benefit of the broad masses of the people.